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Insulation in Atlanta, GA

Energy Construction Services specializes in installing the right type of insulation for your home or building.

spray foam insulation

Insulation Is a Critical Component to Maximizing Comfort and Energy Efficiency

A well-insulated home ensures comfort, improves indoor air quality, reduces noise pollution, and minimizes heating and cooling costs.

blown fiberglass insulation

Enjoy a More Comfortable Home

A well-insulated home reduces draftiness and maximizes comfort level.

spray foam insulation

Have Peace of Mind With Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Installing insulation in a home or building improves air quality by sealing off the living space from the outside air. This reduces humidity, higher levels of moisture and humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth which is harmful to adults, children, and pets when it becomes airborne.

fiberglass insulation

Reduce Outside Noise

The main job of a thermal barrier is to keep outside temperatures from entering and indoor temperatures from escaping. Additionally, insulation reduces sound transmission. You’ll enjoy a quieter home by reducing outside noise from passing through your walls.

spray foam insulation

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Improving insulation reduces heating and cooling load which lowers energy bills. This translates to less carbon emissions in the air. Doing the right thing for your pocketbook also means being a good steward of the planet by minimizing carbon footprint.

What’s the Best Insulation for Your Needs?

Fiberglass Insulation

Installing a thick layer of fiberglass in the attic or batt insulation along the subfloor creates a thermal barrier between the living space and unconditioned space. Fiberglass is an economic but effective way to insulate a home.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is the premier insulation product on the market. For the attic and walls, open cell foam eliminates heat transfer and seals up all cracks and crevices. For subfloor and foundation walls, closed cell foam doubles as an air and vapor barrier. Besides being a top notch insulation product, spray foam keeps musty air out of the home and minimizes pest intrusion.

We’ll Help You Make the Best Choice

The choice of insulation will depend on various factors, including the climate, the age and construction of the home, and your budget. We specialize in working with homeowners and contractors throughout North Georgia to determine the best type of insulation to suit the needs of our clients based on specific project demands.

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