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Air Sealing Puts an End to Drafty Homes

Sealing the home building envelope is usually where you start when weatherizing a home. Most homes have leaky areas such as doors, windows, or fireplaces that are allowing outside air into the home. Addressing these leaky areas reduces draftiness and temperature inconsistency which improves comfort level in the home. Air sealing improvements have a fast return on investment by substantially reducing heating and cooling costs.

Identifying and Targeting Cracks and Crevices

When you hire us for services, such as air sealing, we want to be sure our work will provide the results you expect. We don’t complete services without evidence that we can make an improvement. Identifying air leaks requires testing. A reliable and trusted method is the blower door test. This involves using a powerful fan to depressurize your home, revealing areas where the air enters or exits. Once these areas are identified, our team can seal them using various materials, such as caulk, weatherstripping, or foam.

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